Visual Du’aa Board [Printable]

We have so many  beautiful adhkaar and ad’iyah in our deen, that if we were to memorise them all we would be in a constant state of remembrance of Allaah ta’ala. How is that for ‘goals’? 

Learning adhkaar is something that can be taught from a very young age. In fact personally I feel that it is much easier to teach younger kids adhkaar, they pick it up so quickly alhamdulilaah.

When I started with Rayyaan I wanted to make it a family affair. Something we can do together to get closer to Allaah and make fond memories. We started with the Learning Roots ‘Remind Me’ posters [Purchase HERE] and stuck them up around the house. They worked great alhamdulilaah. We still use them today as reminders. I then found these printables from and used them in addition to the Learning Roots posters.


I wanted Rayyaan to enjoy learning Adkhaar. I wanted him to understand that learning them will please Allaah ta’ala and it is something that the Prophet alayhi salaatu wa sallaam did and encouraged us to do.

I found this wonderful printable from TJ Homeschooling where you can keep track of your children’s progress and see how far you have come as a family too if you are doing together. I printed them out and laminated them. I stuck them up on our main whiteboard so they are visible daily and cut out the little adkhaar squares.

Every time Rayyaan learns a new du’aa he will take a some blue tack and stick it up on the board himself. He really enjoys it and it makes him excited to learn.

As it has worked so well for us, I thought I would share it with you all as well so you may all benefit in shaa Allaah. You can download and print from HERE: