Spreading a little love on Jumu’ah

With everything that is happening in the world right now. The plight of our family in Syria, Palestine, Burma, CAR, Uzbekistan, Yemen and many many other places that unfortunately don’t have a voice to reach out for help. The ummah needs to come together, unite upon tawheed, return to the Sunnah of our Nabi alayhi salaatu wa salaam and be the ONE body that our beloved informed us of.

Although we may feel helpless in that we are not able to physically remove the harm from those who are suffering. There are many ways in which we can try and do our bit. First and foremost is making du’aa. Throughout the day, at times when they are most likely to be answered (i.e. when it us raining, last hour of asr on a Friday etc), in qiyaam and tahajjud and qunoot etc. Ultimately victory is from Allaah ta’ala and we ask Him alone to grant us victory over the oppressors. We can and should donate our wealth, our time and love to help make things a little bit more bearable for our family in need.
One thing that has been extremely difficult is seeing the children in those pictures and videos being circulated online. Those poor children crying, scared and in shock. Most having lost their parents and those who haven’t, cling to them for dear life. Those parents who are helpless yet display such incredible strength and courage. I see these things and I look at my own child and see how incredibly fortunate I am not to be tested with such a difficult and challenging test.

I can’t explain to Rayyaan the atrocities that are happening. I cannot show him the pictures, the videos and the violence against innocent Muslim men, women & children but I can teach him to love, to give and to help others.

“The best actions are to cheer up your believing brother, to relieve him of a debt, or to feed him.”

[Saheeh αl-Jami’ | 1096]

Last Friday I decided that we would bake some brownies and take them to the masjid for Rayyaan to give them out to other children. I wanted him to understand the importance of giving to others and making others happy. The importance of giving from something that you love (he definitely loved these brownies, he would’ve ate the entire tray if I let him). The importance of sadaqah on a Friday and just the beautiful feeling of giving in itself.

We made them on Thursday evening and placed them in individual bags on Jumu’ah morning and off we went. The children were happy to receive, the parents were grateful and a lesson well learnt alhamdulilaah.

We cannot tell our young children about the horrors of these war crimes or show them the gruesome reality of what’s happening to our family in the war torn countries. What we CAN and should do is teach them to be givers, helpers and lovers. Raise them to rush to help those in need. Be quick to offer help, support and aid to those who need it the most. Teach them HOW to be a Muslim instead of just telling them. Provide them with opportunities to practice the sunnah as opposed to just teaching them from a book.

Spread a little love the next time you go to Jumu’ah with your children. The ummah desperately needs it.

​”Give each other gifts and you will love each other.”

al-Adab al-Mufrad 594