Juggling Parenthood & Personal Goals..

I absolutely love reading about mothers who are reaching their dreams and goals, even with all the responsibility that comes with being a parent, running a household and working. Maybe it is because I myself am a homeschooling mother who is a student too and so it gives me so much motivation and inspires me to keep pushing through the bumps along the way. I am blessed to know sisters who are doing the same thing and reaching incredible milestones Allaahumma baarik lahunna. All juggling a million and one things but still do not give up on their own dreams. They strive with the belief that bettering themselves will not only benefit them but their spouse, children, family and ummah at large.

Being a part of an online Muslimah bloggers group, I am fortunate to meet some wonderful and inspirational sisters alhamdlilah. One of them being Samina. She oozes positive and uplifting vibes whilst encouraging and supporting everyone to keep on going. May Allaah bless her and her family aameen.

Since she is studying Arabic and Qur’aan like myself, I thought it would be perfect to conduct a mini interview with her to share how POSSIBLE it is to study and take care of your other responsibilities alhamdulilaah. It’s for sisters who are currently sitting there doubting themselves and questioning if they really have what it takes, YES YOU DO. It is for sisters who are doing their thing but need a little motivation to keep pushing through, YOU GOT THIS. It is for the sisters who are considering treading on this path and just need that little push, BISMILLAAH!

Asalaamualayki wa Rahmatullaahi wa Barakatuhu my dear Samina,

Please share a little bit about yourself in shaa Allaah:

My name is Samina Farooq. I Co-found ayeina.com and #AlhamdulillahForSeries with my elder sister (my best friend) Ayesha.

I am an engineer by qualification, a Quran and Arabic-language student by occupation, a photographer by eye, a writer by heart, an artist by nature and a Muslim by soul. A mum of one, currently studying Intensive Arabic Program from Islamic Online University while also following Bayyinah institute’s ‘Arabic with Husna’ classes, one baby step at a time.

What made you want to study Arabic? What was the defining moment that gave you the push you need to start?

I started my serious journey towards better spirituality by joining the Taleem-ul-Qur’an course offered by Alhuda International. That was the life-altering course that helped me fall in love with the beautiful language of the Qur’an.
I didn’t know I had the thirst for more until I took a sip!

What/where have you studied?

1) Alhuda International’s Taleem-ul-Qur’an course (Pakistan) – the course taught us the in-depth analysis of the words in Qur’an (digging into the roots of Arabic) and basics of all the Islamic principles.

2) Dar-udh-dhikr’s beginner Arabic course (Saudi Arabia) – not sure why they called it a beginner’s course. It was taught completely in Arabic, that was the course during which I actually started conversing in Arabic (with a LOT of gestures to clarify my point ).

3) Bayyinah’s Arabic with Husna.

This course is short and very easy to grasp onto. It has loads of Arabic Grammar exercises along with great examples and practical methods of learning.

4) Islamic Online University IAP (Intensive Arabic Program).

This is what I’m currently doing as well. One year still left…

In the middle, I’ve been doing short courses here and there – from al-maghrib institute etc.

Being a wife, mother, student and running your website/blog how do you balance it all? Quality family time, ‘me time’, studying etc.

With all the eggs you keep juggling, you yourself are usually the first egg you drop and break! Something that I’m working on! I remember taking my final exams online while in labour (I almost failed that semester). So I’m not sure where the balance lies. I wish I knew. But knowing your priorities really help. What and who is the most important. Some days one thing can be more important than the other while other days, another thing can be more important.

Some days will be a complete mess and some days you’ll feel like a victorious queen!
Subtracting useless things from life can help a great deal. Alhamdulillah for all the team members and volunteers who offer to help with ayeina every now and then – it makes my blogging task MUCH easier.
We also ended up hiring an intern because blogging/business was becoming a LOT of work.

Can you share a tips of time management, study tips or words of advice?

Utilise the time after Fajr. As per study time is concerned (or any creative work – writing/reading etc.) – I can’t stop raving about the time after Fajr – something that is full of barakah and the time when your children are asleep (sometimes they’re not, but it’s still a beautiful time to start your day).

You’ll notice the thing you’ve been spending hours on at night, gets done in a few minutes in the early mornings. That’s how the barakah of the early morning is.l!
I’ve always noticed how early morning learning not only stays with me for a long long time, but my fresh morning brain understands things better than my used-up night brain.

What has been the biggest lesson you have learnt on your journey in regards to studying Arabic.

Speak/listen/read it as much as you can. Even when you sound like a complete weirdo. 😂 Even when you can’t understand it…because that’s the biggest step towards pushing your language skills forward.

Plus, listening can be done anywhere anytime. While cooking, cleaning, driving etc. So take full advantage of audio lessons as a student with multiple responsibilities.

What would you say to fellow mothers out there wanting to seek knowledge but are afraid of taking on extra responsibility or not being able to dedicate themselves to their studies?

You remember the time you thought you can’t handle such a HUGE responsibility of upbringing a child? Then Allah gave you one and you did an amazing job. Then another and again you pushed through. And responsibilities kept increasing and so did your strength. Before all that, you never knew you could do it. Until…you did it!
If you’re passionate about something, know that you’ll do it. May be not within weeks, not even months. May be it will take you many years. But you’ll do it. Because you CAN! ❤

May Allaah bless our dear sister Samina and continue to bless her and her family aameen. Do check out Samina’s website ( ayeina.com) it is ah-maz-ing!

May Allaah place barakah in our time and allow us to reach our dunya and akhira goals. Aameen